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Pull-Push Saw ERIKA 85

Pull-Push Saw ERIKA 85
Thanks to the great cutting height and cutting length, the ERIKA is ideally suited even for cutting solid timber and for carpentry applications.
The sensor-controlled working light provides the best view of the cut. The partially transparent protective hood completely covers the saw blade and thus provides for greater safety.
Assembling and disassembling the ERIKA are simple one-man jobs. You can unfold the built-in fold-away support within seconds and without tools.
Unevenness of the surface can be levelled out with the level control simply by pressing down with the foot.
The multi-purpose guide fence allows two miter cuts without changing.
... or adjusting the fence. The result: perfect 90° joints.

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  • 971901
    • 1 TCT saw blade 250 x 2.8 x 30 mm (9 13/16 in.), AT, 40 teeth; Ref. No. 092465
    • 1 Extension kit with wheels; Ref. No. 202889
    • 1 MFA multi-purpose fence with angle locking; Ref. No. 207980
    • 1 Push stick; Ref. No. 034901
    • 1 Allen key 6 mm; Ref. No. 093081
    • 1 Extraction set with 2 connectors; Ref. No. 093670
    • 1 Clamping device; Ref. No. 038294
    • 1 Fold-away support Quickstand
    • 1 Mains cable 4 m (13.1 ft)
Cutting height- 1 – 85 mm
Cutting height at 45°- 1 –59 mm
Tilt range-3 - 48 °
Cutting length430 mm
Table top dimensions525 x 915 mm
Working height without stand415 mm
Working height with stand891 mm
Nominal No. of strokes – no load2.050 – 4.300 1/min
Nominal power input2.500 W
Extraction connection diameter58 mm
Weight (with multi-purpose guide fence MFA)40 kg
Cutting speed26,8 – 56,3 m/s
Universal motor230 V / 50 Hz
Cross and rip cuts Circular saw bench functionality Bevel cuts up to 48° Compatible...
  • Cross and rip cuts
  • Circular saw bench functionality
  • Bevel cuts up to 48°
  • Compatible materials include solid wood, board materials, parquet and laminate flooring, aluminum profiles and plastics
New type of suction channel revolutionises extraction - for less dust when working. Lightest...
  • New type of suction channel revolutionises extraction - for less dust when working.
  • Lightest pull-push saw in its class – for quick and easy transportation.
  • Adjustable speed – for individual processing of wood, plastics or aluminum profiles.
  • With voltage loss switch for protection against uncontrolled reconnection after a power interruption.
  • The rear legs of the Erika are equipped with wheels for easy handling.
  • As the world's first pull-push saw, the ERIKA has become the epitome of mobile sawing since its introduction. After almost 40 years of experience, the current generation is now endowed with everything that users expect from a modern pull-push saw.
  • The built-in /Quickstand\ sets the ERIKA on 4 stable aluminium legs within seconds. Protective rubber stoppers on the feet also prevent slipping or knocking.
  • The unique suction channel concentrates the sawdust and extracts it to the rear. Thanks to this new development, your dust extractor is used even more effectively. The result: clean work on a clean construction site! Operation of the ERIKA leaves no questions unanswered. Clearly designed operating elements are all logically arranged on the front of the machine!
  • Thanks to the E-control electronic system and the corresponding MAFELL original saw blade, it is possible to process other materials in addition to wood, such as plastics or aluminium profiles.
  • Further advantages of the ERIKA 85: Extremely stable table profile, tilt range from -3° to 48° , lowerable riving knife and maximum cutting length of 430 mm (16 15/15 inch).